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In Dallas, Tx, in 1946, the Roby brothers started a Texaco service station. That station offered full service, including gas, tires, repair, and towing. For 36 years, that station grew and prospered while still being run by the brothers along with the only son. In 1964 that son joined the air force and served for 23 years. In 1978 the eldest brother passed on leaving the business in the hands of the remaining brother.That brother carried on the station until 1983 when he closed it to focus on towing. He operated the towing company until shortly before his death in 2003. All the while passing on his knowledge and passion for towing to his grandchildren. Over the years the grandsons have continued the legacy of customer service while driving for other companies.
Today, Onager Towing is owned and operated by the same family in the same traditions of customer service.
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